if there is a factor we know about queer folks, it’s that people do

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representation and a banner is actually a means to program interest, area, and undoubtedly,


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lgbtq identities

. of course you’ve been to kind of any pride parade, you realize that queer flags span really beyond the traditional rainbow.

nowadays, we’re particularly writing on the bisexual banner, a legendary signal of bisexuality.  and genuinely respect the bi flag in every of her glory, we have generated a list of the our favorite bi flag basic facts. let us enter into the deets:

the banner is designed by activist michael page

time for an instant history course, people!

the bisexual flag was created by bisexual activist

michael page

in 1998 after realizing many members of the bisexual neighborhood struggled feeling connected to the rainbow pride flag.

page realized that numerous bi individuals felt put aside of specific pride occasions, and desired to make a symbol especially for the bisexual community.

but solidarity wasn’t the actual only real objective behind the bi flag. page additionally wanted to

promote a feeling of bi exposure

.  after all, bi erasure remains lively and happened to be even worse in the 90s.

to really make the flag since easily accessible as possible, page failed to add any trademarks or patents, but instead announced it 100% no-cost for industrial use—which is exactly the reason we can see many breathtaking bi flags at pride!

source: www.lgbtqnation.com

the bi flag aided start up bisexual exposure day

the bi flag wasn’t the thing created to market bisexual visibility—an whole getaway emerged after. in 1999, the bisexual community started establishing every sep 23rd as

bisexual exposure day


ever since then, bisexual presence features expanded to a complete few days ????. bisexual awareness week is actually commemorated yearly from sep sixteenth – 23rd and is a great way to honor and commemorate the bi folks in yourself. (including your self)

fun reality: as it had been more challenging for bisexual folks to acquire each other, bi activists worked collectively in on the web boards to obtain another and draw consciousness for this holiday. to this day, social networking still is a robust device for connecting bi folks.

the hues for the bisexual banner have a special meaning

the bi flag is not only pretty to check at—it has many pretty cool symbolism connected with its record.

the level of green or fuchsia towards the top is considered to express individuals having same-gender interest, eg homosexual or lesbian folks.

the coating of bluish towards the top symbolizes people who have face-to-face gender tourist attractions.

therefore the coating of lavender towards the bottom (a combination of bluish and red) presents people that are attracted to the ones from the same genders or various men and women. aka, bi individuals ✨

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    and how to link now with bi, queer and open-minded folks.
source: www.womenshealthmag.com

there seemed to be an attempt at producing a bi banner emoji

advocacy for bisexual folks truly hasn’t ceased within creation of their banner. today folks are calling for a digital banner. yep, we wish a bi banner emoji!

many social networking platforms have a rainbow flag emoji, (there’s today a trans one also ????️‍⚧️), but there’s however becoming a bi banner. however, a year ago, an application professional and bisexual society recommend
tanner marino
hit out over the unicode consortium and asked for a bisexual banner, only to have his proposal rejected. (obviously, the unicode consortium failed to consider it will be made use of very frequently…)

however marino started a petition that attained over 10k signatures. that is right, folks—queer men and women appear!

regrettably, unicode does not simply take petitions under consideration in their emoji-choosing procedure, there has but become a bisexual flag emoji. but our hands will always be crossed. here is wanting that bi individuals (and every other queer communities at this time missing an emoji due to their banner)  get their emojis shortly.

the bisexual flag motivated bisexual lightning

here’s a great brand new phrase available: bisexual super! bi lightning occurs when a picture, video clip, or movie uses the tones on the bisexual banner (green, bluish, and purple) to emphasize or show off a person’s bisexuality.

it seems


but try not to simply take our very own phrase because of it — take a look at janelle monae’s music video clip,

make me personally feel

. it is also already been included in the iconic dark mirror occurrence,

san junipero

,  demi lovato’s music video

cool for any summer,

and ariana grande’s

7 rings.

in addition, we’ve a write-up specialized in
bisexual celebs
that simply cannot be overlooked.

whether at a pride parade, on a t-shirt, or even in a songs video, the bi banner is actually symbolic and a beacon for bi folks every where.