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the book valentines

lucy fletcher, will u get married me? kris

cannot loose time waiting for you to receive your own package down in regards to our calendar ben – love from the artistic director

harry harry you will be divine. harry harry are you considering my own? kris

bakario, provide me some tapas now

delighted valentines day josh stott. i really like you such. i can not wait to be your wife x

successful valentine’s day marley. you make me personally so happy and i love you beaucoup. see you briefly. the marls xx

i like you, physician drew. i shall often be your own small chrispy. xxx

delighted valentines alex! adore u lots. roy! x x x

lucy-loo and dipity-doo – you’re dropping and many thanks for having a fracture ! – wills roccard x

you shiver my personal timbers-all my love pirate rach x

@ te quiero mucho ming-mong! @para siempre ricura, tu eres mi problem! @dame un besazo! xxxx el guiri

piggyma we can obtain it on 2nite. you bring the lawyer and that i’ll bring the lpc publications…. x

emma creer, i adore u my little munchkin!

bob – you happen to be amazing i am also so grateful. i love you! limitless kisses, ali xx

fwing wil u b my own? we guarantee to not ever eat your lovely coating. luv from woman space munky x x x

dear d-face, i am going to have a considercarefully what i could present. big hug

hunny bunny, thank you for the scrumptious weekend within small thatched cottage….love the south belle!!!!!

darling graham, we are regarding bog roll are you able to choose some through to ways home? love you etc. regards. your own sweetheart sarah.

pleased valentine sian! don’t let earlier in the day spoil the evening… chris.

prina will you be herbies valentine? pose a question to your namina very first however! x

parina, my sugarplum.. lets have it on 2nite. bring ur animal & choc dessert.. luv piggyma.. mwah.

toward cobra from lucy- you certainly are unable to beat an effective quantock! all my personal really love xxxxx

happy valentines juniper berries. all my love permanently g!

my personal gorgeous ju ju you could get off of the naughty chair providing you go straight to sleep (beside me). love you. xx

marg, everyone loves u entirely and more than fishnchips. from your own homer.

spud you create myself so happy, delighted valentines day! i love every 2nd we’re together. cannot delay to see you this evening all my really love skip pervey x x x x

piggles you are my personal favourite small fuzzy mammal :) xxxxxxx

pleasing baboo, cant wait getting you partner. your ace. abs x

5.5, cabage & wee.. prommise?really love you really my personal brain affects. mwaaah! pxxx

pookies, i adore you, you is best!

i understand do not do valentine’s nevertheless the oglobs forced me to get it done. please deliver dinner. love you.

oi rs – that worth valentine card isn’t enuf… u have actually 6 many hours for myself anything much better or you wont end up being obtaining any 2nite! from ur adoring face. xxx

nas muscle tissue make me weak from the legs. wrap me in your tree like hands. x x x

darling adam 2 – keep in mind amsterdam? are available invest ur dole money with me. x

gareth, gareth, gareth i believe i am successful you will be amusing cool and sexy and you also prepare my personal meal! luv xxx d

my personal darling krish i favor you a lot more than tobes. your own website permanently, yellow case bagsy.

pig, horse is thrilled too, i adore you much more than jaffa, and then he’s gorgeous xxx

kim, i favor you a lot more than football365, dylan & havin good dump x

tel troot today backylow!

to my attractive girly using the breathtaking smile. love you fit to burst… mmm hmm? happy mountain sight from c.xxx

hello flower are not these communications amusing! pleased scottish romantic days celebration. everyone loves that the top a big hill next on moon and back kisses

piotrish, my personal fascination with you is matched up just by your love of banning xxxxxx

i really like you my nice sea-cow. bernie had been simply a fling. you are the main one!

my baby b. i enjoy you. the bbb.

minx. allow me to break down the entrance of really love with my battering-ram. love monster feet. x

p really love u till cabbages n wee.. 51/2

i enjoy you mandy xxx i am hoping the next 20 years are as good as the last!

abs, can’t hold off are the partner, out of your nice baboo x

to adam can’t wait to play “who is yur auntie? ” underneath the pink dress

darling b cannot await all of us as husband and husband thank you for being mine the b xx

i luv u akabusi awoooga

to my gorgeous charmy char cherry girl, love you more than you realize right after which some, from your own favourite snugglebum x x x

mr filth – you are one particular wonderful thing in my entire life & i cannot hold off to make little peas to you. love always, p x x

horse-pighas the horn. me personally both you and jaffa forever xxx

my breathtaking lunar plane guy, end up being good to juju and allow her to get down from sexy chair. love you x

hi amy from peter green. delivering you a lot of hugs from any friends! x

gobby likes twc and decorator 2 infinity

i adore you vsg. completely and entirely. please allow me to make it an environment of niceness once more. as it should be x

to our darling b thank you to be mine your b x

dearest d.addycakes, this really is heaven. stroke the milky stomach 4ever. incredibly in love with u. bk

doris! you might be thus awesome! mwa mwa mwa x

007…nobody does it much better…love from a lengthy providing secret representative admira x

hello weez- don’t understand u read the guardian! in any event pleased valentines 2 you-my gorgeous closest friend & mind-blowing enthusiast

bel, let me unblock your own cardiovascular system, really love finchey x

emj my great partner, i cant end loving you xxx dmj

cobra loves and wishes lucy qwb uu utf

moomin, love both you and skip you a lot, wish you were right here, fischen x

hey egg love you a lot more daily!

thanks a lot the crow, everyone loves u above all else and u tend to be my personal closest friend permanently too. cant wait for our very own wedding. love fooley mama x

cat, i love you a lot more than you are going to ever understand, you should be collectively. j

to my darling andreas: i will luv you constantly, appear lock urself within my area & check out my personal forest… we are able to have a whale of a time. from ur bearded lady

kristian, am i able to please have my stitching system back? susie. x

love u much weas. cant delay 2spend with the rest of our lives 2gether. bubs x

ivan you’re a rather dishy usher at mary and petes marriage! phwoar! c x

thawn, love you as part of your! see you afterwards my personal attractive, hunky, gorgeous man! appreciate e x

i enjoy you michelle – thankyou 4 usually being available. i’ve changed today an for ever! garx (gax & gam trid supporting!)

paul you’re great in most means!! love u & miss u lots fee xx

kitten, i like you always, i love u now and certainly will love u forever! ur piglet! xxxxx

monkey monks the trick i love you above all else, you will be my companion and lover monkey. crow x x x x x x

sims i love u a lot more everyday. thank u 4making me personally thus pleased. sausage mash ! really love v.b.xox

monkey, i adore you a great deal and i can’t wait for us to get outdated and grumpy together. love from boo

my sweet linds, easily could hug your lip area for eternity, my heart would rise and permanently would sated end up being. huhs from pavsome xxxx

to my personal darling cupcake. you’ve got all the best elements. like peter

tricia, five years in and i really love you more and more, s.

angela k, you may be outstanding girl & a good pal – everybody else should know about! xx

david ingham here is the one-day that you don’t ming. today complimentary the face from the feeler stop estimating the protector and do a little work! x x

waar liefje: ebony,eliot,amis,janacek,molvaer,shakespeare,hofstadter,rowling,pinter,mckee,burns,lepage and us. these happiness to express charm to you. l

to handsome physician john, i’m hoping observe everyone in the near future love ms hoity-toity xxx

you’re sunlight into the moo existence… love you millions moet nxxxx

daddy everyone loves you very really does mummy, from ducky, intit! xxx

panagioti mou… darling valentine, my personal center is bursting with fascination with you… we belong inside hands, please hold me personally permanently… txx

babezinho, amor de my life. happy valentine xxx, kuka

hvk u r an attractive small darling & i adore u lots, lc

‘frustrated artistic madam seeks good looking star for sleep forms, berlin and albertross kisses. everyone loves you lambert x’

imy, b mine. alwys yrs. previously x

john my honey-fluff! this will be the very first valentine’s together,and everyone loves you more than words may say,my handsome fluffer :-) you may be our world!xxxxx

alison my personal really love you remain the smartest celebrity within my world and that i love you so much matt x x

frida, mi estrellita, i miss you more than ever before and love you above i can say. probably, one-day, possibly in another life, we are going to be with each other. iain

peaches in france really love c x

delighted valentines for the most wonderful woman on the planet from your own warm lobster x x x

jules, provides this sock now lost its missing pair permanently? xxxx

hello bans, many thanks for being my personal unique one (2 3 4), love j xxx

to my personal sexy goatboy be my valentine constantly the goatgirl x x x

darling nice pav – may the bells continue ringing. linds

my personal darling carinalicious, are we able to start practising for brad and robbie throughout the 3 march? everyone loves you. sugar daddy xxxxx

ooty ooty really love your own butt. love you much more everyday, bear in mind babe. matty modes.xxx

beep beep! end up being my horney honkey this valentines. love the muffin manufacturer.x

to my personal kitty, will cherish you usually, you make me happier than we actually thought possible. fatty growth increase, boo x

ann end up being mine permanently all my love the harmful dreamer


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