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45 years ago, yongda industrial club to nt $50000 capital in taichung city, taiwan, opened in one hundred, seiko machinery manufacturing. startup plowed, but with the founder of process technology of persistent and hard work of the chinese professional inputs. yongda has begun to take shape in 1978, and capital and changed its name to honestly adai machinery factory co., ltd., 1985, cheng adai machinery for several typical manufacturing industry patents, 1990 cheng adai won the german gs standard recognition and a common european standard series fem9, 511; 20 years of technical agriculture, cheng adai machinery factory is the taiwan government at this time with a number of internationally renowned brand lifting engineering of manufacturing and service providers, that s, made in taiwan to become a kind of praise and recognition.

adai international machinery company started in 1993 to enter the chinese market, the initial investment in kunshan, jiangsu crown asia machinery industry (kunshan) co., ltd., manufacturing heavy machinery, lifting machinery and construction services, by csa certification in 2001, the same year adai investment and kunshan kyoto elevator co., ltd., in 2007 in kunshan kyoto elevator in combination with the netherlands umega elevator r&d and technical resources, in the joint venture the expansion of the new factory in kunshan and high-tech elevator testing tower, 80 meters in 2014 in kunshan kyoto elevator company independent research and development success, launch the latest environmental protection and energy saving blackbear series, series and milan, here by the people all independent research and development of highly efficient elevator state-approved, bly bear the only designated elevator brand won the 2015 world expo china pavilion in milan.

at this point, champions league and the main mechanical manufacturing vertical drawing machine, cheng adai international machinery is responsible for the r&d and manufacturing of precision drive equipment and technology integration with the global market trade, blackbear elevator provides efficient elevator sustainable manufacturing, construction, maintenance, such as the overall elevator solution; cheng adai international group, the division of manufacturing, joint attack of the automatic service model is the strop. precision machinery manufacturing, need absolute concentration and the spirit of craftsman in pursuit of perfection and smooth elevator maintenance, security and sustainable product quality more need to be deeply rooted the latest application of science and technology and human caring, blackbear elevator three components imported innovation on its own research and development, provide customers with reasonable price and high quality service. mr bell in 2014 for “green energy”, independent research and development success elevator electric energy storage devices; in order to solve the problem of security monitoring, application of elevator internet platform, the successful completion of the remote monitoring tests; according to “service in time and improve efficiency”, project research and development of remote intelligent diagnosis, etc., are sincere adai international group blackbear elevator, loyal to the manufacturing, sustainable operation practice is to serve the customers.

looking forward to the future, blackbear elevator will total combined with cheng adai group precision machinery manufacturing strength of strong backing, the advanced technology of european famous dutch umega elevator and market resources, china university of suzhou cooperation research and teaching achievements, with “science and technology research and development, production of environmental protection, human services” as the acquisition,determined to focus on the elevator technology, brand management services in one hundred.

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