blackbear special design elevator series villa elevator, the elevator equipment and building perfect fusion, effective use of interior space of the building at the same time, both for the new and old buildings, wooden or brick structure of the housing, can installed in the indoor or outdoor. steel shaft, clean pollution-free environment construction, does not affect the household routine, rapid construction, assembly of short time limit, protect your family peace, economic, and don’t need to add the rc structure, saves the cost of construction.

vvvf inverter control system is a sensitive and precise leveling layer accuracy control in the / – 3 mm, reducing vibration to the limit, let you travel without any discomfort. 128 beam touch sensitive infrared protection, once touch trigger safety control, children in the home the old man don’t have to worry about clip, bump and other dangerous situations. internet remote monitoring technology, gsm mobile communication and internet network, paying attention to you and the status of the elevator, become your home security 110.

(1) the gearless permanent magnet synchronous machines do not need to replace oil, no oil pollution, do not need to increase your additional maintenance costs; efficient drive, greatly reduce the loss of the gear’s torsional vibration and low noise, energy conservation, a quiet living space to family members.
(2) capsules led lighting system automatically, according to the usage of capsules automatic switching power supply, low power consumption, light gentle clean, protect the old man and the child’s vision.
(3) the car inside and outside the whole lcd liquid crystal display,
non-work state automatically shut down,
in detail place to give you the infinite energy of life.


intimate design spacious compartment, not only make passengers will no longer feel crowded, more meet the needs of family and action inconvenience, convenient pass in and out of the wheelchair, solve the family members and visitors up and down.

user friendly features

bright and small lcd floor show, modelling elegant control panel, to take care of the elderly, and meet the demands of a moving object to open the door into the design.

convenient maintenance inspection

because the elevator equipment combined with shaft, can directly from the shaft of the lateral or appropriate location check the running status of elevator maintenance personnel do not have to enter inside the shaft can be for inspection, maintenance, convenient and safe.