after 60 years of development, china’s elevator industry elevator enterprises from scratch, from small scale production to become the world’s biggest elevator manufacturing power and use of power. the elevator production ownership can reach one million m.
elevator industry development, and national economic development and the development of the real estate market have inseparable relationship, after the reform and opening, the productivity of china elevator has achieved one hundred times to the present, the growth of supply reached 50 times of growth. is expected in 2014 about 540000 sets of annual production and sales of elevator, essentially flat with 2013, continue to lead the world’s most advanced production country in europe and america.
at present, although a lot of business license has been more than 7 m/s or speed, but the elevator is mainly made in china under 5.0 m/s passenger elevator, all kinds of cargo elevator, under 2.5 m/s sightseeing elevator, domestic for private use of the medical bed elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks, villa home elevator, special elevator etc.
a, domestic and foreign development situation and present situation of the lift