“elevator i don’t usually falling. even if the fall, also won’t directly onto the ground, because the elevator also equipped with buffer device, elevator fall like fall to spring.”

the day before yesterday morning, in shui mu nian hua district civilized village, two elevator company joint community content canal, in the elevator safety knowledge, sorrow, reminding the citizens to civilization by ladder. some of these issues, related to civilization by ladder, some related to the elevator fault emergency self-help. at the same time, two elevator company field corrected residents of elevator, head of the common sense of misunderstanding.

when the elevator tiring relatively safe inside

why the elevator suddenly stop running? many people think it is in danger. in fact, it is a way to the elevator itself.

when the elevator in the factory, set up many security protection measures. when the elevator caused by some kind of situation, the safety of the elevator cannot achieve the requirements of normal operation of the elevator, the elevator will stop running. if someone just inside can cause accident of tiring, so when the elevator tiring stay inside is very safe.

there are fears that trapped in an elevator will suffocate, actually otherwise. the elevator is not sealed, the top have a vent, hall door there is a gap.

trapped elevator cannot doing nothing, of course, to inform people outside rescue as soon as possible, but through the intercom contact elevator relief center, computer room, or directly dial 119 or 119 report to the police.